Sunday, 7 April 2013

Get saving

Girls, is time to confess, I love shopping, and I also love saving too, come on guys, who doesn't like to save a few pounds, dollars, euros (and every other currency out there)?  I'm the queen of bargains, and I am aware of fashionistas out there embarrassed to admit that they bough something from the sale or they purchased something and received points for it, girls....wake up, smell the coffee, we are in 2013 the recession is all over the place everyone has been affected in one way or the other, so why not pay less if you can, or why not receive some points or vouchers? I always been a big fan of loyalty cards, there are many stores out there that offer their customers cards so when they purchase something, they can show their cards and receive points and a few emails with the notification of special promotions and many other fabulous things, so I have decided to share with you my favourite cards, that I always make sure I carry in my purse.
I'm in the UK so these cards are from stores in the Uk, but I'm sure that there are many stores in whatever country you live that offer the same or similar services so here are my favourite cards my all time favourite Starbucks, Boots, Superdrug and Waterstones.

Here are the links to get cards that i have stated above and a few more that i also use and love.

Starbucks      Boots       Superdrug      Waterstones
Tesco      Costa      Tastecard    Body Shop

 So get saving guys, saving never looked so stylish!
Hope you found this article useful.
For those of you from other countries, if you have any similar cards, please feel free to leave a comment down below stating your country and the cards or stores you would like to share with fellow readers from your country. It would also be nice to know what other countries have to offer as well, so let's get sharing.

xoxo ~ Silvz