About Me

My name is Silvia Isabel Gomes Freire (long name, I know, I often blame my parents and the Portuguese government for the long name, love it anyways, wouldn't want it any other way)
I'm 23, born in 88, yes I just made it to the 80s, 80s kids rock!!
I was born in Portugal (Lisbon the capital), but lived in the UK for almost half of my existence, yes I eventually got used to the cold weather.
I'm currently on  my second year of my Degree in Fashion and Clothing Design, I have done 3 other fashion courses (yeah I go hard, lol).
I have worked as Visual Merchandiser for two big Retail companies, and now working a freelance fashion designer, stylist, I also do freelance hair styling and makeup.
I have a huge passion for all things pretty and stylish, I also love photography so at the moment I'm practising with my camera.  I have  just recently started my own accessories and jewellery line called Silvia Gomes (no fancy branding names, as a designer I would like to be known for by my name and not a "Brand"), and I will be soon adding clothing as well.
Just in case you you wondering where to check out my Store just click on the image on your right hand side).