All the items on this page are for sale, some of them are items I have worn in the past but are in good condition, almost new, I wouldn't sell anything damaged, stained or faulty.
 All the makeup, are brand new, not used at all, not even for swatching, I dont believe sharing germs. lol so all the makeup is 100 % new.
To purchase any of the items below, simply send me an email stating what item you would like to purchase and your paypal account details, so I can send you a payment request, I will notify you when I have sent the payment request, from then you have 24 hours to make the payment , and I will ship the item to your postal address.
All the prices are in Britsh Pound Sterings, but you can use this link to convert the prices, so in case you purchasing in a  different currency, you have an idea of how much the items are.

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The email MUST include:

<3 Your First and Last name
<3 Your postal address (where you want me to ship the item/s to)
<3 Your PAYPAL account details
<3 What item/s you wish to purchase

Email address:

NINA RICCI  Plush Eyeshadow Duo ~ Purple / Mustard Yellow
Nice Compact case with Mirror and applicator
Price   £14.00  ~   P&P   £3.00

The items are non refundable, so before you purchase please make sure you double check the sizes and feel free to email me any enquiries and I will be more than happy to help.