For any enquiries regarding any of the following please feel free to contact me:

|| Posts published on this blog

|| Collaborations

|| Submissions of photographs

|| Requests of topics or anything you may wish me to write about

|| Business enquiries

|| Suggestions or complaints (even thou I’m very careful with what I write, people my not be happy, or may feel offended by anything, in case I would like you to be able to express it)

|| And everything else… there is many things you may wish to contact me for, so feel free to do so

I promise to reply as soon as possible, I don’t really like waiting, and I’m aware I’m not the only one allergic t waiting, but I would like to thank you in advance and also apologise in case I end up taking long to reply. But if it’s something that I can answer with a few words, it would be a better idea for you to tweet me the question and I will be sure that you get an extra fast response (as I am a self confessed twitter addict) so you won’t be left waiting too long!

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