This blog was created by me with the aim to share my personal style and fashion stips and beauty tips and many amongs other stylish topic.

Just like everyone else I have my own taste and style, and I will be ranting and ravingt about brands and designers I like, and sometimes the ones I don't ike too.
 I'm not here to slag any company , brand or designer off, just give my honest opinions.

 I'm a huge believer in uniqueness and innovation, so you will often realise that I try my hardest to use my own imagery, I'm aware that that readers follow different blogs, and do end up looking at the same images over and over again in different blogs and fashion sites, my aim is bring something fresh and new to the table, so I will try to use other people's imagery as less as possible. And all the street style photographs were taken by myself with the permission of the person photographed.
I put a lot of my time and effort to stand out and be different, but yet if you wish to use any imagery on this blog, please email contact me in order to get permission to use it. Usually all that you need to do is state my blog as the source of the image by adding a link to my blog.
I reserve the rights to request for you to stop using the imagery if in case is used to offend anyone or to be edited in order to chnage the original look of the image. And in case I use an image that belongs to you without permission(which wont happen, because I will always make sure I have permission to use anyone's material) and you wish for me to remove it from this site, please use the contact link to request the image to be removed. enough of all the formal boring stuff, but copyrighting is huge in the world of fashion and I dont hact getting sued, lol!!!
 So I had to add some sort of formal disclaimer to cover my back and to also protect my readers and contributors.

that was long, but it needed to be done guys!!!