Sunday, 9 June 2013

Hi my name is Silvia...and I'm a shoes addict...

  As some of you may know I'm a shoes addict, specially heels! Just like any other shoes addict I have my favourite place to get my shoes from. For me Zara will always win, against any other high street store, and I will place it before many designers (this is not because I worked for Zara ) I was a fan of their shoes long before I even was allowed to wear heels! (Yep that's right, long time)
Summer is mainly my favourite season to buy heels, and Zara has evolved not just in footwear but the clothing has changed and with it my style has also changed. I feel more mature and more sophisticated, I would rather invest in heels than wait for the latest sneakers to be released. Yep this girl has grown, so did my wardrobe.
Back to the shoes, this season more than ever I'm in love with Zara's 
footwear section, and I want so many of them, I have purchase a few and I have to confess, is hard to go a day without clicking on my Zara app and check them out.
The variety is ridiculous, the prices are fabulously affordable, there's a pair for everyone, for every style, for every wardrobe for every occasion, so I thought I would share a series of posts featuring some of the goodies on offer from this amazing brand. I hope you like it, whatever is your style I'm sure you bound to like at least a pair.
Are you shoes addict like myself? 
Let me hear from you, where do you get your shoes from, what is your favourite shoe trend!

Enjoy the next posts!

xoxo ~ Silvia