Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Minimal next to nothing || GIVEAWAY

I'm so into the almost nonexistent details, as in very minimal jewellery I think it adds a certain touch of elegance, a 'no need' too much to impress kind of attitude. And last year I think it was for my birthday my boyfriend's mother gave me a really thin gold bracelet, with smiling daisies on it, is so cute I love it, but I had a lil accident at work and I broke it so my mission is to get it fixed ASAP. And in a different occasion she also gave me a sterling silver necklace with a cross pendant, which I absolutely adore, and I must say those two pieces made me fall in love with lil tiny pieces, I'm a big lover of big chunky statement pieces, but I'm loving the minimal at the moment, so I have decided to invest in my "minimal jewellery" collection. So today I went to Topshop and found this amazing necklace, exactly what i've been wanting for ages and even better it was on sale and its original price was £5.00 which was a bargain as it is and it went down to half price, which really I found it amazing, but at the back it had a sticker for £1.50. What? Seriously? I couldn't believe it, so excited that I decided to purchase three more to give away to my followers, so all you need to do is follow m blog and leave a comment on this post. I know is not a extra expensive or anything fancy to give away but is something I love sharing, and I wouldn't give away something I wouldn't wear or use myself. So I hope you like it too and enter this simple giveaway. I will randomly choose the winners and will announce on the 7th of March! Good luck!