Saturday, 21 September 2013

Retail therapy

As i mentioned already in a previous post I have been through a massive clear out, and the sad thing is that I have been doing it for over two weeks and I'm not done yet.
But I have to confess I feel really good about it, I don't have that feeling of attachment like I used to, I used to think how much I loved the items when I purchased them and just end up keeping them for one more year and still not wearing them, but this time I feel different. 
My mind set is completely different I ask myself, "How many times I worn them?" , "If I did wear them at all?", "How versatile the item is?", "Will I wear them again?" . Questions like these have helped me to decide wether I should keep or get rid of many things. 
I am the type of girl, when I find an item I like I tend to buy every colour available, I have ended up with many things that I are still brand new, clothes with tags, shoes inside boxes!
I cannot help but feel guilty for spending so much money and just let it all sit in my wardrobe and drawers , and many times end up forgetting I even purchased them, so the way I shop is changing!
I found myself resisting a lot of temptations when out shopping, I now ask myself questions before buying anything, "Do I really need it?", "Will I wear it at all?", "How versatile is it?", "Do I have anything similar to it?".
 I have to say it's working, I'm not longer shopping as much, that feeling of guilt is no longer part of my shopping experience! 
I would like to know what other tips and tricks everyone use in other to have a healthier shopping experience. 
Please leave your comments below!

Xoxoxo ~ Silvia