Thursday, 19 September 2013

Is your makeup up to date?

Recently I have been in the long process that is a huge clear out, I have been going through clothes, shoes, accessories, jewellery all sorts, and today I went through my makeup and beauty related stuff!
It's important we stay on top of our cosmetics, as expired makeup can cause our skin to react badly.
A lot of girls out there don't now that makeup expires, so I wanted to share a little expiring guide that will help you decide what you need to throw away and replace, and what to keep and until when.
I find it hard to work out how long I had some items (so here is when my geek self comes out, warning I am a list type of girl) , yes I keep a pocket size notebook, where I write all the items I buy and the date I purchase them.

It works guys, it sounds crazy, writing a list of items, but if every time you buy something you write down, you won't be at risk of having expired makeup.


Eyeliner (Gel/ Liquid/ Cream)

Tinted Moisturizer - Foundation

Lipgloss - Lip Tars


Face Primer - Eyeshadow Primer

Eye - Lip Liner

Face Spritz - Setting Spray

Lipsticks - Lip Balms

Cream Blush - Eyeshadow Base - Cream shadow- Cream Highlight


Face Powder (loose/pressed) - Contour Powder - Highlight Powder


Loose pigments

Nail Polishes - Base Coats - Top Coats

I hope yo found this post useful, if you have any tips please feel free to leave your comment below, would love to know what everyone does to keep their makeup up to date.

Xoxoxo ~ Silvia