Thursday, 15 August 2013

Rihanna for River Island

Excitement levels are high!
I am so excited about Rihanna's Fall collection for River Island, I have to confess that the last collection wasn't as good as I thought it would be! It was more inspired by Riri's styling techniques, such as tied shirts around the waist, gathering hems of tops tied in knots! This season's collection is more Rihanna is based around the clothes she wears! It's a by smart combination of the different brands and designers that Rihanna's has been rocking for the past months! The oversized tees, sweaters, hoodies, sweat pants, caps, are part of the overall look of the collection!
This time underwear have been included, with the elastic bands ( Calvin Klein style), the boxer especially were created to be on show it takes me back to the 90s the hip hop scene, it's so Aaliyah, Salt n' Peppa, Mary J Blige and all the other hip hop and R&B queens!
This collection also has the camo present, and navy blues, also has filigree patterns a bit like Balmain's collection! All of these are things that Rihanna has been in love with!
This collection will be available online and in stores on the 12th of September.
I will stop blabbing and just let you see for yourself!
 I would love to know what you guys thing of it!

 Xoxo ~ Silvia

Image source: This images were taken from River Island's official website