Sunday, 2 December 2012

Forever yellow lover

Hey guys, for those of you who don't know I'm a iternal yellow lover, the colour yellow makes me so happy, it has been my favourite colour ever since I remember.
So it wasn't hard for me to pick my first Mac Eyeshadow ( a few years ago, when I began to take makeup seriously).
I wasn't undecided of anything, it would be ideal for me to pick a colour a neutral colour, a colour that I would be able to use very often and make the most of it, but no I wanted the best yellow that Mac had to offer and it was Golden Rod.
At first I ddnt want to open it and touch it ( not even to swatch it), it took me a few weeks before I could create a look with it, as I always wanted to cherish it and leave it in the box.
But I did it, I opened it and created a few looks, and last summer I done this look that was nice and subtle, just yellow lid, with a brown and black cut crease, slightly smoked out and a shimmer highlight just to hadd some dept to it.
I felt that the eyes were way too special, and I wanted it to be the focal area of my look, so I opted to a light coral blush and a nude almonst non existent lipgloss.
I was thinking of doing a tutorial of this look, what do you think guys?
Poducts used
Tinted Moisturiser ~ Topshop || Dark
Eyebrow Pencil ~ MUA || Brunette
Eyeshadow Primer ~ Urban Decay || Original Potion
Eyes Lid ~ MAC ||Goldenrod
Eyes Crease ~ MAC || Carbon
Eyes Transitional ~ MAC || Sketch
Eyes Highlight ~ MAC || Ricepaper
Eye Liner ~ Sleek Ink Pot || Dominatrix
Mascara ~ Maybeline Colossal || Jet Black
Face Countour & Highlight ~ Sleek Countour Kit || Medium
Blush ~ Sleek || Coral
Lips ~ H&M Lipsloss || Peach Me Later
Setting ~ MAC ||Fix Plus
PS: The earrings I have on this picture are my own label you can purchase them here.
xoxo ~ Silvz