Saturday, 10 November 2012

Free of that Nasty stuff!!!

Because we always carry our makeup bag with us everywhere we go we all tend to forget that it also needs caring ( we already give it a lot of tlc by buying that week's must buy product) but the tlc I'm taking about is a different kind.
Our makeup bags carry a lot of goodies but also can carry a  lot of nasty things, like tips of that black kohl liner pencil that you only realise when your finger tips are covered in black, flacks of that press powder that smash goodness knows how, amongst many other things not forgetting the germs our hands add to the nastiness.
So here are some of the ways I get rid of this problems and many others:
~ First definitely put a cap on that kohl pencil
~ After using any of my makeup product I make sure that I closed or screwed or covered properly
~I wash my makeup bag every other week
~ I also bought a new makeup bag so I can rotate, so I can use one while the other one is drying
~For the lazy ones you can always buy a plastic, or perplex makeup bag so instead of waiting to dry you can easily wipe it clean with some antiseptic wipes
~ Have also added a travel size hand sanitiser to my makeup bag so my hands are germ free when touching my makeup
~When washing your bag please don't forget that kabuki brush, wash it once a month

If there's any tips you would like to share please comment below, it would be nice to know what else do you do to keep your makeup application germs free!

Hope you found this article useful.

xoxoxo ~ Silvz