Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Photo shoot with Danielle Graham

Hi stylelistas, I have recently posted a video on my youtube channel a video footage of my first freelance job of the year.
I was invited by Danielle Graham a friend of mine also a fellow fashion student to do the makeup for her photo shoot, so obviously I said yes, and we had tons of fun.
The model was amazing to work with, Danielle's lil sister who was the backstage assistant, and Mark the photographer were all fabulous to collab with. I'm proud to present you the video which alsos has back stage photos and clips and the final photos. Enjoy!

PS In case you wondering I was wearing H&M Black turtle neck top, My Zara Patterned Blazer, Black Gap Pants and Topshop slippers/pumps! ( I like wearing black when going on a job)

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