Friday, 8 November 2013

Building a Skincare and Makeup kit!

Very often I get questions from friends and aquaintancies regarding Skincare and makeup!
And one of the most asked questions is what are the must haves for beginners.
So I decided to put a list together of items that are good to start building a good makeup kit, and suggestions of what to get based around my own experiences!
And remember everyone is different, and so are the numerous products, so keep an open mind and begin by understanding your skin, it's properties and needs!
And also remember what works for me might not work for you, special skin care and skin tone products such as foundations, concealors, so make sure to select the right shade!

Skin care

Makeup remover 
Makeup removing wipes
Face wash
Face scrub
Face mask
Face toner
Face moisturiser 
Face night Cream
Eye cream
Lip Balm


Face primer
Setting powder
Contour powder
Eyebrow pencil
Clear mascara
Eye primer
Eyeliner pencil
Lip liner
Setting spray


Cotton pads
Cotton buds
Brush set
Eye lash curler
Pencil sharpener
Compact mirror

And please remember this is a lot of stuff, don't go out and buy them all in one go just because I made a list, I did not buy everything in one go, besides I only bought what I thought I needed and what I think suited my skin and lifestyle, please let me know if you would like me to do a post on everything that I have from this list! Just simply leave a comment..
Hope you found this useful.