Thursday, 8 March 2012

Victorian Lust photo shoot

Here is one of the recent shoots I had, a year after buying my camera my photography skills are still not the best but they are getting there, enough to achieve good photos. And I'm so extremely proud to show you some of the photographs from this shoot as it is my favourite of all times, I worked with two people very dear to me which are my cousin Tiago de Oliveira and my bestie Charlene Lewis I hope you enjoy, we had fun doing this shoot.

The Gown and the knitted shrug were designed and made by me and are part of my Haute Couture  project.

Designer Ladieswear ~ Silvia Gomes
Menswear wardrobe ~ TOPMAN
Model Male ~ Tiago Gomes de Oliveira
Model Female ~ Charlene Lewis
Hair/Makeup ~ Silvia Gomes
Styling /Directing ~ Silvia Gomes
Photography ~ Silvia Gomes