Thursday, 8 March 2012

A high quality shoots for less

As a fashion student, I have learnt how not to depend on others to achieve what I want, for example as students in any creative course, we tend to want to present our work in the best way possible and sometimes we get stuck with certain professional touches that we have to pay for, and they not necessarily cheap most of the time.
As a fashion student, in many projects I was required to design garments, make them, which I can perfectly do myself, without any help, but the hard bit is having a final photo shoot.
Now I must say is not as easy as it sounds as a photo shoot is more than  just bullying your bestie to wear your garments and head to the park down the street and sap a few pics with your digi that you have just used to snap last weekend's party.
Yes I have been in that position and worked, with what I had, I have doe just what I stated above.
But I was quick to identify what I need to improve and what I need to do to improve my final photographs for future projects.
So I went out and invested in a professional camera to be more specific Olympus E600, and I'm still teaching myself how to use the different settings on it. It also came with a software that I can use to edit and retouch my photos, so that is a plus if you don't have any fancy software like Photoshop or Illustrator.
To print the photos I usually order them from , which are high quality and for very affordable prices, but when I dont have time to spare to wait for the prints I just buy glossy paper from Wilkinsons or any other stationery store and print them at home.
I began to read more about makeup, watched lots of videos on youtube on how to apply makeup and to create different effects and stuff. I built my makeup kit ( a train case full, a lot I know, but I also now work as a freelance makeup artist), practised, practised and practised... till I got it right.
I worked as a hair stylist, so hair has never been a problem.
I have searched for venues locally, to save travel money.( don't be scared to ask in local hotels, you will find that most of them wont charge you for using their premises for shoots, and many other places)
I was also blessed to have friends who are models and if they are not, most of them look like potential models. ( so no models fees, usually they receive prints of the final photos and some goodies)
There are many ways to save money when doing a photo shoot, there are many sites where you can find other creative minds who are updating their portfolio and are willing to work for free. so check the links below.

Facebook           Twitter             Sense of Fashion           Model Mayhem

The next two posts will be dedicated on showcasing some of my successful photo shoots in which I have used my camera. and also done the hair, the makeup, the styling, directing, and designed and made the clothes. I hope you have found this post useful, and if you have any questios, do not hesitate in leavig a comment down below or head towards the Contact page annd use any of the methods of contact.