Wednesday, 28 March 2012

cont. of photo shoot with Danielle Graham

Hey guys, here is my back stage shots of the photo shoot with the amazing stylist Danielle Graham, I have also included the final shots. This shoot was covered by a local news paper so I will be including those photos in the Press page ( first press coverage of my work as a freelance makeup artist) yay...

Back Stage Shots

Time for the make up

Some of the palettes I have used (review for each one of them coming soon)

Danielle Graham the Stylist and Adam Harnett the Photograher

Marie Graham the Back stage assistant (my partner in crime, love this chica)

Adam working his magic

Kaleigh Esthop doing her thing, amazing model

Retouching time, sharp and edgy red lips

Extremely concetrated, making sure th eliner is nice and straight

Indoors Picnic

Strike a pose

Danielle testing the accessories, making sure is on point,lol

My new job title, holding the flash

Wardrobe and insirational photos

Delicious props, which later became refreshments, yummy

Still holding the flash

Final Images (edited by Adam and Danielle)

 xoxo ~ Silvz